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The 10 Pound Horror Film - Grassroots Horror Comes Alive!


Welcome to the New New Wave

Horror Fans! Please take note:

There is a new and innovative project underway which will prove to be a first of its kind. British film makers Tom Atkinson and Luke Dormehl have pioneered the notion of an exclusively fan-based horror film, using the internet as the primary medium of promotion and funding. The 10 Pound Horror Film has thus far received the blessing and support of an international array of horror directors and droves of horror enthusiasts and fans.

You are invited to join and participate in the development and production of this horror film through a contribution of "10 pounds" ($14 US). Fan-based support is the SOLE source of film funding, thus truly making this the first grassroots funded horror film. In addition to simply being part of this rather fun and cutting-edge project, your contribution will get you stuff, including a free personalized frame of the film (a piece of horror film history!) and membership benefits including access to exclusive film content and director-moderated discussion forums.

SaruDama encourages you to check this out and consider contributing to the project. Its a small amount of money and the effort is indeed ground-breaking. The internet has provided a very successful platform for groundswell support in various instances, from political to artistic. Now its time for we of the online fan-base to rock the horror film industry!

Let the world know we support and encourage new, viewer-centric horror films!

For more about the project, membership benefits and how to contribute your 10 pounds, check out The 10 Pound Horror Film site.

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