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Japanese Historical Eras: Ashikaga Period (1392-1568 AD)

Ashikaga Timeline

NOTE: This period is also known as the Muromachi, named after the the particular quarter in Kyoto wherein the Ashikaga Shogun established themselves.

Ashikaga Era
1338 AD  Ashikaga Takuji becomes Shogun and resides in Kyoto, but civil war continues until 1392.
1358Ashikaga Yoshiakira succeeds on Takuji's death.
1367Ashikaga Yoshimitsu succeeds. Diplomatic dialogue and trade with China begin.
1392The Emperor succession dispute ends, Go-Komatsu declared sole emperor.
1395Yoshimitsu abdicates and governs from the Golden Pavillion (died 1408). Yoshimochi succeeds as Shogun.
1400Feudal warfare in various parts of Japan, and continuous economic disturbances due to epidemic and famine.
1449Yoshimasa succeeds as the eighth Ashikaga Shogun (until 1474).
1467The Onin Civil War. Redistribution of feudal power.
1477Onin War ends, but fighting continues in most provinces. Ashikaga Shoguns are now powerless, and Imperial House is penniless. Central government collapses and anarchy prevails in most provinces.
1500The whole of Japan is at war.

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