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Japanese Historical Eras: Nara Period (646-794 AD)

Nara Timeline

Early Nara
593 ADAccession of Empress Suiko. Prince Shotoku named Regent
604Prince Shotoku's Seventeen-Article Constitution
621Death of Prince Shotoku
629Accession of Jomei
642Accession of Empress Kogyoku
645Accession of Kotoku after abdication of Kogyoku
646The Taika Reform Edict. Kamatari in power
655Second Accession of Kogyoku as Empress Saimei
658Coup attempt on throne by Prince Arima
662Accession of Tenchi
669Death of Katamari
672Accession of Temmu after brief reign of Kobun and civil war
681Historical commission organised by Temmu
687Accession of Empress Jito
697Accession of Mommu after abdication of Jito
701Confucian festival first officially celebrated
702Code of Taiho enforced
708Accession of Empress Gemmyo.
708Copper found in Japan. First coins minted.
Late Nara
710Nara founded
712Official chronicle entitled Kojiki completed
715Accession of Empress Gensho after abdication of Gemmyo
720Official chronicle entitled Nihon-shoki completed
724Accession of Shomu
740Rebellion of Fujiwara Oshikatsu
749Accession of Empress Koken after abdication of Shomu
752Dedication of Great Buddha (Dai Butsu) at Nara
758Accession of Jonin after abdication of Koken

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