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Japanese Historical Eras: Sengoku Period (1568-1615 AD)

Sengoku Timeline

NOTE: For Art historians, this period is known as the Momoyama, named after a particular castle of Hideyoshi, and is characterized by the baroque, gold-infused paintings commissioned by the decadence of Hideyoshi's reign.

Pictoral Map of Northern (Tohoku) Sengoku-Era Daimyos
Pictoral Map of Southern (Kansai) Sengoku-Era Daimyos

Relevant Pre-Sengoku Events
1534 AD  Oda Nobunaga born
1542Portuguese discover Japan. Firearms introduced
1549Saint Frances Xavier reaches Japan
Sengoku Era
1568Nobunaga is de facto Shogun
1571Nobunaga destroys Heizan monasteries and wars against Buddhist monks
1576New castle as Adzuchi completed
1577Hideyoshi leads campaign against Western Japan (Mori and Shimadzu daimyos)
1582Hideyoshi succeeds to Nobunaga's power
1587First Christian Persecution
1590Hideyoshi subdues remaining opposition. Edo founded
1592Hideyoshi sends army against Korea. Withdraws.
1597Second Campaign to Korea. Terminated following year.
1598Hideyoshi dies. Succeeded by Ieyasu
1600Battke of Sekigahara won by Ieyasu
1603Ieyasu appointed Shogun
1615Seige of Osaka. Victorious Ieyasu becomes supreme ruler of Japan

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